8. All Day Home Layouts Wednesday

8. All Day Home Layouts Wednesday

CANCEL Provo, Orem, Layton  Home Layouts Wed All Day
June 20, Wednesday Home Layouts

Our Price$30.00

This home layout tours will take you to Provo Utah to see four layouts and ExactRails. Because this tour will be more than 4 hours you are going to make a stop at the local hobby store -xxx.  There you will enjoy some sub sandwiches, turkey, ham and roast beef.

You will be back in time for convention registration!

HO Scale Ted York Cajon Pass

Scenery: 90% DCC


Ted’s HO railroad depicts Cajon pass during the late 1940’s through the early 1950’s. He recreated the helper services as they struggled to get trains up the steep grades between San Bernardino and the summit on the pass. The track is handlaid. Rocks were carved to match the scenery on the actual pass and most of the structures are scratch built to match the prototype. It takes 20 operators to staff the railroad for an operating session because this layout is about moving trains. DCC allows the operators the freedom to make it all happen.



N Scale Chris
Hudson Terminal
1' X 7' Scenery: 100% DCC
ExactRail Model Trains


The Hudson Terminal is an freelance subsidiary of the New York Central in 1955. The layout is influenced off of multiple terminals in the New York Harbor that were served by car floats. The bulk of the structures are scratch built, matching prototype structures in the New York area as well as other locations. The layout is a shelf style construction and measures 1 by 7 feet. It is controlled with Digitrax DCC and is designed for for realistic operations.



HO Scale Pelle Soeborg Daneburg Subdivision of the Union Pacific
11' X 22' Scenery: 100% DCC


The Daneburg Subdivision of the Union Pacific is a freelance HO scale layout based in modern day Nebraska. Built by Model Railroader Magazine contributing editor PelleSøeborg, the Daneburg Subdivision has been featured multiple times within the pages of the magazine as well as in a book called Building a Sectional Layout. The layout was built in Pelle's home in Denmark and then shipped via shipping container to TrainLife in Provo, UT in 2017. The layout controlled by NCE DCC and all scenery is 100% complete.




HO Scale Guil Rand

The Great Northern Pacific Railway

17' X 40' & 13' X 35' Scenery: 50%
Rail Lynx Operating System

There is a main line through for freights, coal, Iron ore, limestone, mixed freight, reefers, and passenger trains and the steel mill offers several operation opportunities. The Grand Company Steel Mill, which is the center piece of the layout, occupies an area of 2.5 feet deep by 128 feet long on the second level of the layout. The coal mine and Iron ore mine are located on the first level and the limestone quarry is located on a third level branch line. There is also a large coke oven works. There are about 800 freight cars, 40 passenger cars, and 60 locomotives on the layout...


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