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Welcome to this year's Clinics schedule

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Friday June 22, 2018

7:00 pm Art Fahie - Bar Mills

Niagara & Pearl Creek Railroad Co.


Saturday  June 23, 2018

10:00 am Peter Harris N Scale Kits - Title ‘Experimenting with weathering'

This is a ‘hands on' clinic for up to 20 people [first come first serve] to try your hand at some gentle weathering. You will be using one of N Scale Kits already made up and painted cars, to apply some weathering. If you want to, you can take the car away with you at the end for a small cost.



11:00 am Don Bonk - "Aultman,Ohio or Why not a brickyard?” - Aultman, Ohio: where only a sign marks the site of the Prototype Brick-Yard. Aultman, a classic company town was 3 miles long with a 1,000 employees. It contained the usual Brick-yard items, but for the modeler it had different style company houses, multiple gauge trackage and specialty products.


12:00 pm Karin Gerald - "How to make conifers - a hands on clinic.” This method is quick, easy and cost effective, suitable for N and HO scales, using furnace filter material and bamboo skewers - perfect to produce large numbers of very nice looking trees with no need for special tools.


1:00 pm Milton Braselton - R.P.M.

Railroad Prototype Modeling - Not Just for HO and O Scales - a Utha/Navada Perspective.


2:00 pm Brian Brendel - "Holy Foliage! How do I make all those stinkin' trees?!” Brian Brendel, former president of Northern Virginia NTRAK now living in Utah, presents a scenery clinic about "mass" tree making and trying to solve the problem of fooling the eye into thinking those fake trees are real, especially in N-scale.

He is presently constructing a 22' x 36' 'N' home basement layout, the C&O Mountain Subdivision, that runs through the bathroom to staging (his wife Michelle is the most understanding woman on the planet.) Brian will bring some hands-on scenery construction examples, many photos of the Mountain Sub under construction, and several modules that were featured in the C&O Mountain Subdivision One-Trak modular layouts at the Philadelphia NMRA and other regional and national conventions.


3:00 pm Steve Moore - NMRA Salt Lake City 2019











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