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Friday June 23, 2017

7:30 pm: Art Fahie – Bar Mills, Maine

"Craftsman Kits 101" is a study of how to approach building highly detailed laser-cut foreground models. The "do's and don’ts" as well as short cuts and techniques.

8:30 pm: Art Fahie – Bar Mills, Maine

"How To Build A City Scene" in n-scale. From the angle placement of structures to how to color them... basically a "patchwork" quilt of sizes, shapes and colors to make a city scene believable and interesting. The clinics will be between 7:30-9:30 and will feature door prizes and give-aways.

Saturday June 24, 2017

10:00 am: Peter Harris, Nottinghamshire, England, UK

"Decaling for beginners - or the experienced too. Try your hand at decaling a flat car.” - You will be adding decals to one of N Scale Kits Circus cars - [there will be a decals from range of different shows and circuses to choose from].

Then, you can take the car away - for a small fee - and it will be ready to run, as a very unusual car for your consists - or run with your circus train.


The flat car, decals and materials will be made available - but bring your own magnifying glasses if you need them!


11:00 am: Don Bonk, Canton, OH

"Why Not A Pulp and Paper Mill” -"Pampers” and "Depends” are cradle to grave paper product from western PA. Local most modelers build steel mills because they are local and familiar, but pulp and paper mills can have up to 28 different types of incoming rail loads and 22 different types of outgoing rail loads.

The "Kraft Pulping Process” is discussed indicating where loads are used or generated. Actual mill photos are included.




12:00 am Don Spencer, Lee's Summit, MO

"Want to model current industries to scale?”- Using new technology to help design your model railroad. For those who want to model current day railroading there are multiple sources available to gain information. We will look at the sources and the free tools to help model industries to scale.

1:00 pm: Dave Chess. Pittsburgh, PA

"Unraveling DCC Decoders: Decoding – Decoders” -This clinic is an introduction to DCC Decoders with a pinch of programming. Attendees will get answers to question of what decoders are, how decoders do what they do, change the behavior of decoders, and how to provide your layout an uncomplicated environment.There is no oops in ops programming.

2:00 pm: Marc Starmans, The Netherlands

"A basic introduction into DCC programming with Decoder Pro” -This clinic will present a general introduction to JMRI Decoder Pro software and include information about the software, the required hardware and using it to program DCC locomotives. The clinic will include live demonstrations using Decoder Pro to program and control DCC locos.


3:00 pm: Dave Chess, Pittsburgh, PA

"CCDCC: Here's a Palindrome Titled for Computer Controlled Digital Command Control” -This Clinic will show the basics of how computers gain the insight and means to control a layout. Some of what you'll walk away with is being able to tell where trains are located by a quick glance of the layout status panel, how to implement a dispatch office, and how to create interactive signals and turnout control.

Waiting for title and description from Marc - topic will be on using JMRI Decoder Pro software for programming DCC locomotives "CCDCC: Here's a Palindrome Titled for Computer Controlled Digital Command Control"

4:00 pm: Don Smith, Blain, MN


"The Boxcar Almost Every Railroad Has But Nobody Has Made A Model Of! " - This clinic introduces the Pullman Standard 20yy Cu Ft. boxcar. Every railroad has them except one. No manufacturer makes a correct model of it because it comes with 2 different roofs, 8 different doors, 5 different sills, 2 different break systems, 2 different coupling mechanisms, 3 different ends etc., etc. North American Railcar is doing this car in all the detail and variations. The clinic will explain what and how we are doing it correctly.

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