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The N Scale Enthusiast Society (previously known as The N Scale Collector) was established by Wick Brandon, as a sole proprietorship and was a stand alone company until Wick passed away in 2000. The organization was then incorporated into a not for profit company in 2002 as the N scale enthusiast. In 2011 the company name was changed to the N Scale Enthusiaast to reflect our mission.

Wick was the founder of TexNRails and he established NSE right after he sold the pioneering N Scale retailer to the Herz family, and the store moved to Florida. Wick and Lea moved their family from Texas to Bakersfield California, and the entire operation was run from his home in Bakersfield. George Johnsen, our current Chairman, came on board as Associate Editor starting with the third issue of our magazine, and the growth of the organization hasn’t stopped. Wick and George did the first convention in Medford in 1993, and added staff and advisors as the organization grew. Wick held the first auction for the NSE in 1995. Wick is tremendously missed.

Our mission statement reads:

“This organization is dedicated to the preservation of the history of N Scale Model Railroading,and the railroads they represent.”

We do:

  • Special Run Cars
  • Regular Auctions of "collectable" Cars
  • Annual Conventions
  • 5 Magazines per year

When you join the N Scale Enthusiast, you receive the “Membership Car”, which is a Special Run car produced by Micro Trains exclusively for the N Scale Enthusiast. The only way to get this car if you are not a member is to purchase one from a member who doesn’t desire to keep it.

The other most obvious benefit of membership is the member’s magazine. This 6 times a year publication is full of interesting articles about railroads and collecting N Scale of all types. We have featured articles on Brass and Plastic Union Pacific Locomotives, Special Run series cars, Christmas Releases, DeLuxe innovations containers, and Beverage Car Collecting.

The N Scale Enthusiast Auctions are a great source of unusual and guaranteed N Scale collectibles. While many of the Special Runs we offer are available for outside acquisition, members almost always get a discount. There are some Special Runs that are restricted to members only, due to issues of quantity.

Also, there is information available from all the resources of the organization. The NSE maintains documentation on many things N Scale. If you need to know the date of release for a particular item in the Micro Trains Line, for instance, chances are the NSE can find it for you. If you need to know the identity of an old passenger car, chances are one of the NSE experts can help you out.

With regard to our annual Convention, one of our mandates is to continue to improve our conventions for our members, and we are striving to do just that. From the first convention in Medford twenty plus years ago to the upcoming convention it has been hard work, but fun. The friendships made at these conventions are lasting, and we try to have a good time at each and every one of them. We hope to see you there!


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