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 NSE Conventions - General Refund Policy


Upon cancellation by an attendee, the appropriate refund will be issued in like payment. Please see specific refund criteria below. Allow up to 6 weeks' processing time. Refunds applied for after June 10 of the convention year will not be processed until 6 weeks after the end of the convention. Please note that payment made by credit card will be refunded to your credit card.


All refunds will be approved by the Convention Committee and made ONLY by the staff at NSE HQ. No refunds will be made by the local group or at the convention.


Separate policies have been established for registration fees, tours, events, merchandise, etc. Please read each section carefully for cancellation/refund criteria.


Cancellation of Extra Fare Event, Store Merchandise, Extra Fare Clinic or Tour


  • In the case of a cancellation by the convention, if an extra fare event, store merchandise, extra fare clinic or tour is canceled prior to the start of the convention; a notice will be sent to the attendee informing them of the cancellation. A full refund will be processed after 30 days of notice if no other selection is made by the attendee.


Registration Refunds


Cancellation requests should be received in writing either by standard mail (Convention Refund, NSE,172 Park Ridge Dr., Easton, PA 18040) or by e-mail ( The following registration refund schedule applies to each individual registrant:


  • Prior to June 1 of the convention year - a Full refund of the registration fee per individual registrant will be applied.
  • June 1 to June 15 of the convention year - A refund of the registration fee of less 25%, per individual registrant, will apply (minimum $25.00).
  • After June 15 of the convention year and prior to start of convention - A refund of the registration fee less 50%, per individual registrant, will apply (minimum $25.00).
  • No refund of the registration fee will be provided after the opening (Wednesday) of the convention.


General Rules for Event and Tour Refunds


  • The convention committee cannot take the responsibility to resell any convention tour or event tickets. 


  • If you missed that event or tour for any reason, you cannot use the value of those tickets for any other event or tour.


Tour Refunds for Cancelled Registrations


  • Prior to June 1 of the convention year - 100% refund of paid tours.
  • After June 1 of the convention year, and prior to the opening of the convention, tour fees will be fully refunded only if the tour has sold out or if the tour was canceled by the convention.


Event Refunds for Cancelled Registrations

 Prior to June 1 of the year of the convention - 100% refund of paid events. After June 5 refunds can only be fully refunded if  event has sold out or the event was canceled by the convention.


Merchandise Refunds for Cancelled Registrations


  • 100% refund of paid merchandise if received by May 1 of the convention year. (This is the advance order cut-off date and may be subject to change each year)
  • If the request is received after the cut-off date, the merchandise will be shipped to the registrant and appropriate shipping charges will be added to your account.
  • No refunds for merchandise cancellations after the cut-off date will be issued.


 Other Refunds and Exceptions

All other requests for refunds will be made to and considered by the NSE Convention General Chairman and the NSE Board.

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