Nashville Layouts

These are descriptions of the layouts on tour during convention week.

Wednesday June 15

HO Scale

Dixie Model Railroad Club
Nashville, Chattanooga & St. Louis

60 X 60 Scenery: 50% DCC Digitrax

Layout is set in the early 1950s but a variety of equipment is operated.

Control system –Digitrax DCC with Railroad & Company signal control.

No smoking, please.

  • The club facility is not handicap accessible.


  • There is a duckunder but a roller chair is available for the assist.
  • Visitors will need to sign a waiver to view the layout.
  • We encourage people to take pictures.


 N Scale

BNSF, Summit Div, NW USA

14' X 28' Scenery: 95% DCC

Bill Strunk's layout era is the 1960 to the present times.

The layout has a double loop w/crossovers on on side and two complete loops around room with two reverse Ys -- features 2 towns several rivers, coal mine, quarry, power plant, elevator and light industry, paper plant, and Summit Division yard, roundhouse , and offices -- several levels w/ 1 1/2 to 2 % grades ,  mountains, high plains desert, towns, and interstate and state highways geographic display.


"G" Scale

Nashville Chattanooga Garden Railroad
100' X 300'  About 60 buildings, Electric, battery/remote  

This is a walk around layout, ouside on the property with 3000 ft of track. Train shed can handel 6 people at a time.


Friday June 17 Tour

Lionel MTH

Chicago 1957

60' X 24' Scenery: %60 City
40% Rural
Lionel Legacy


      Dr. Jack Fisher (plastic surgeon) is something of a legend here in Nashville for his very stunning custom layout built by himself and Kent Cooper, a noted local layout designer/builder. Jack is also known for his excellent modification of Lionel and MTH passenger cars by lowering the bodies of passenger cars to their trucks and also prototypical close coupling of said cars with their diaphragms connecting. He also modifies buildings, accessories and model road vehicles with special detailed lighting. His awesome layout includes a multi-track custom built passenger tarnished that has to be seen in person to fully believe. His outdoor G gauge layout is also quite an achievement. He is a very warm and unpretentious host at his frequent legendary open houses here in Nashville. Jack has also been actively involved in the ongoing restoration of  4-8-4 NC&StL 576, and is a board member of this Nashville steam project. A true gentleman and expert train hobbiest!   

N Scale

Shenandoah & Big Creek Railroad

7' X 32' Era 1950's to present Digitrax DCC

      Ed Minnich  When we moved to a one and a half story house in Franklin Tennessee in 2006, I had visions of setting up my “last and best” N-Scale Empire in our Bonus Room located above our garage.  Our new home has two walk-in attics and after moving in, my Bride immediately noted that one attic storage areas was easily accessible from to the hallway leading into the guest bedroom and indeed, this was space that could be designated as a dedicated train room.  Although I still consider our Bonus Room as my “Man Cave”, setting up in the vacant area made sense.  So, with a little bit of effort and some help from my friends I “converted” the space into a Train Room.  The room is about 32 feet long by 10 feet wide with a sloping ceiling.  I built a cabinet-like base all around the room that is used to store seasonal items such as Christmas and Easter decorations.  Then, on top of the “cabinets” I constructed modules ranging from four to six feet in length by 24” to 30” deep for the N Scale layout.  A 30” wide center isle provides easy access to most of the layout.  Space is close, so the layout can only accommodate 4 to 6 people at a time.  While the cabinet storage area is open, it is constructed so that standard doors could be installed in the future. 

The Shenandoah and Big Creek RR is a freelance layout inspired by Southern Railway’s Manassas Branch that ran through my hometown in Virginia and the Norfolk & Western Dry Fork Branch that passed through my wife’s hometown in West Virginia.  Just like our marriage, how fitting that the two railroads merged.  The 80 feet of single track mainline is point to point with automated and signaled reverse loops on each end.  There are two 7-foot passing sidings near each end of the run and one passing siding at Star City Yard near the middle of the layout.  A small two track hidden staging yard is located at the west end of S&BCRR.

N Scale

I'm very sad to announce the passing of Jim Reising and the cancellation of his home layout. This was a fantastic layout am sorry you will not be able to see it.

3 Rooms

Scenery: 100%



HO Scale

Lehigh Valley, PA Division

Main train room 36 X 36 Scenery: 00% DCC Digitrax


Mark Nolan 's Large HO scale layout designed for operation.  Car Cards/Waybills.  Will include a future dispatcher/ control panel.  At the time of the convention the layout will have been under construction for about 2 ½ years.  Based on the Lehigh Valley and also includes Reading, Penn Central, Delaware & Hudson, Lehigh & Hudson River, Central New Jersey,  Philadelphia, Bethlehem & new England, Northampton & Bath and Chestnut Ridge Railway.

Double and triple deck layout with separate staging yard in the garage and branch lines in crew lounge.

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