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N Scale

Midwest N Pioneer MRRC

The layout is a freelance design although the Wisconsin Dells and a Cleveland steel mill are represented.



60' x 14' Scenery: 85% DC /DCC

This layout is our fourth design and move, being the second since the last Chicago convention of 1997. The layout is switchable between DCC an DC although these days it is operated in dcc mode due to the failing DC system. It has two main lines for continuous running. There are reversing loops under each helix to facilitate the change in direction between the main lines. The upper level has a multitrack station and classification yards for both east and west bound traffic. We have included a branch line off the upper level which traverses around the wall. This is made up of oNetrak modules, which are removable to take and set up at local train shows. Members have made their own which are included in these show layouts.

The current size is 35ft x 30ft which will have been on display at the January 2019 WGH in Schaumburg.

Twin helix providing access to upper level


N Scale

Cumberland Valley RR

22' X 38' Scenery: 95% DC


      Located in a 22’x38’ basement, it is a single level  layout started in 1976.  It models three railroads, PRR, N&W, and WM which all met in

Hagerstown, Md.  The layout is operations oriented and represents RR traffic in the 1950’s (steam and diesel).  Throttles are DC memory walkaround,

5 assigned to main line operators and 2 in Shomo yard.  APBS signals are dispatcher controlled.  Articles on the CVS have been published in

Model Railroader, N Scale, N Scale Railroading, Railmodel Journal, Model Railroading and several books.  The trackwork is 100% complete and scenery

Is 95% finished.

       Be aware, the layout has two duck-under’s and a few narrow aisles.

Standard  "O"

Lionel Post War Collection

18' X 20' Scenery: 0% WZ


This fabulous collation of post War Lionel roll stock.  If you had a Lionel layout when you were young I am sure you can find that engine you had on your layout.  Hundreds of rolling stock with no two the same. It’s not N scale but something you need to see.

HO HOn3 N Scale

Elmhurst Model Railroad Club

  Scenery: 0% DC DCC


The Elmhurst Model Railroad Club, home of the Illinois Western Railroad. We have both HO,HOn3 and N scale layouts depicting a nostalgic look at life as it was in the Midwest in the 40's, 50's and 60's.

Scenes vary from rolling hillsides and farms to a large steel mill. You can also experience real life railroading right outside our front door.


Layouts are only a part of the club's total picture. Our club constitution states:

"The purpose of the club shall be to encourage the building and operating of model railroad layouts for members use and for exhibition. A secondary purpose shall be to encourage friendship and to promote the hobby of model railroading."

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