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Home Layouts

 These are descriptions of the layouts on tour during convention week. Exactly what homes on what days TBA 


HO Scale

Larry Anderson's
Burlington Northern

20 X 25 Scenery: 99% DCC Digitrax

Larry Anderson's modeling a freelance HO layout, featuring the Burlington Northern in the 1980’s. There is a lot of scenery work that has been done. The layout fills a 20x25 lower level room. All of the track work in the second level is done. Control is Digitrax DCC. Larry has recently added a 4 track staging yard. Entry is through the Garage. Yes thats Eric Smith enjoying this layout.

HO Scale

Bob Westphall's
Western Pacific

20 X 25 Scenery: 99% DCC Digitrax

Bob is doing a western themed, HO railroad, featuring a lot of Western Pacific equipment. He has been working on this layout for some time and has a lot of very nice scenery. There is a Helix up to an upper level logging branch. Now, an expansion is in progress with 65 ft. of new mainline operating and connecting with the existing trackage over models of the Keddie bridges area of the WP.

HO Scale

Don Gustavson's
Rio Grande, Colorado
& Southern lines

30 X 40 Scenery: 99% DCC Digitrax

Don Gustavson's has combined his HO standard gauge and HOn3 narrow gauge into one large layout in a 30’ x 40’ room behind his house. The narrow gauge is modeled after several Colorado mining towns with the Rio Grande, Colorado & Southern lines. The standard gauge is modeled during the mid-1950’s steam/diesel transition era. The two layouts have been joined together with dual gauge track. All powered with Digitrax DCC. 

HO Scale

Jim Petro's

Denver and Rio Grande

two levels Scenery: 99% NCE DCC

Jim Petro's is recreating the Denver and Rio Grande in Denver and the surrounding area, featuring the Joint Line south towards Pueblo and the climb into the Rocky Mountains. There is a large Yard and Passenger station featuring many named passenger trains of the 50’s era. New Signaling.  A second level has been added to some of the area. HO scale Car Card operations days are held regularly, you are invited to try out some switching. 

HO Scale

Jim  Price's
Southern Pacific

3 Rooms Scenery: 10% DCC NCE

Jim's  three room HO layout that will eventually depict the Southern Pacific from Oakland to Reno. Much of the Oakland area, which includes the multi-level electric system terminal has been completted. Track work continues eastbound towards Roseville, but still much needs to be compled there. A separate room houses the Oakland Mole, with a new station building. Upper level work is in progress.

N Scale

Paul Martinovich's
Rio Grande, Colorado
& Southern lines

3100 Sq' Scenery: 99% DCC Digitrax

Paul’s N-scale empire depicts Eastern California railroading in the 1950’s. Steam and Diesel power represent the Western Pacific and Southern Pacific. Paul continues to add to his scenery representing the Western Pacific’s Route, including Reno and Portola. Paul and his railroad were featured in the fall 2007 Carson magazine.

G Scale

Rich & Kathy Walton's
Malfunction Junction

  Scenery: 25% DC

Malfunction Junction is an indoor G scale Railroad. The Garden Sized railroad display is on 42 inch high tables, with the outside rail running over 250 ft. See the 1:29 scale 25 ft.  long Santa Fe Streamliner train, along with old favorites; the Circus strain, work train and freight trains. A trolley line runs above the mainline. 

 There are things for kids to do while they look at the trains. Lots of parking, inside the gate. Handicapped accessible

HO Scale

Bob Norwich's
Rio Grande, Colorado
& Southern lines

10' X 15' Scenery: 99% DCC 

Bob has created two large scale layouts both about 10 X 15. They are both G scale, one is Standard gauge DCC with sound and scenery 100% complete. The other is Narrow G gauge on O gauge trackk, some buildings it is a work in progress. 


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