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Clinics Schedule

Join us this year on the first floor Clinics,Two Rivers room where we have gathered a fantastic group of presenters.

Friday June 26, 2020

10:00am   Digital Command Control Troubleshooting - John Wallis

                Once a large multi-club DCC-controlled show layout is setup and de-bugged there is a need to rapidly detect, locate and resolve any problems encountered during layout operation. This clinic looks at the tools involved, the methods to be used and how to manage the layout.

11:00am  Free-moN - Mark Watson

                This clinic will start as a short presentation and then move over to the Free-moN layout for real-world examples.

Noon - Lunch break

1:00 pm  Weathering with PanPastels - Jeremy Janzen

                PanPastels are professional artists’ quality soft pastel colors packed in a unique pan format (cake-like). The special qualities of PanPastel Colors mean that modelers can blend and apply dry colors like fluid paint for the first time.  PanPastels give modelers a very flexible tool for weathering locomotives, rolling stock, buildings, and even scenery.  Unlike traditional weathering powders, PanPastels leave very little dust and mess.  They are very forgiving in that until you apply an optional fixative coat, they can be erased.   Well-known modelers such as Joe Fugate (Model Railroad Hobbyist publisher) and Tony Koester (Kalmbach) have called them "the universal weathering solution".  In this clinic, we will demonstrate how to use PanPastels in a variety of model railroad applications. 

Model railroad author Clark Propst recently probably said it best "I try not to use the same weathering tool too much, but PanPastels make it so easy"

2:00 pm  "What it takes to Produce a Car"  -  Eric Smith

                This clinic will cover the various steps including new tooling and how Micro-Trains does the planning/scheduling and production of their monthly releases

3:00 pm  TroveStart - How to get more out of it" -  George Michaels

                TroveStar is an informational database for folks who collect N Scale model trains.  It has information about more than 65 thousand items and is maintained by a handful of curators and dozens of contributors (many of whom are NSE members).  In addition to tracking information about items, it also allows the users to create lists of trains in their personal collections.  This clinic will do a deep dive into how to enter items one at a time into your own personal inventory as well as how to use our new Excel-Based bulk-upload function.  You asked for this new function last year at Rosemount, so we built it and now we will explain how to use it.

4:00 pm  Adventures in T-TRAK - Bruce Alcock

                T-TRAK is expanding as people build larger curves, junction modules for connecting loops and push the envelop of the original concept.  This clinic will do a very quick introduction to T-TRAK and then delve into building modules that use larger radius curves and provide more layout capabilities.

Saturday June 27, 2020

10:00 am:   The What,Why,Who,Where, and How of Operations - Charlie Vlk

Model Railroading is an extremely diverse Hobby that can attract people with a wide range of interests.
One growing segment is “Operations” where Hobbyists emulate how a real railroad would move equipment during a portion of a day.
Charlie will discuss What types of operations are popular, Why you might consider becoming involved, Who can participate, 
Where operations happen, When they typically are held, and How a railroad might be suitable to operate.

11:00 am - Traintraxx - “Using RFID for Model Railroad Operations” - Carlton Brown

 In the presentation we will give a  high level description of what RFID is, how it works, frequencies used and tag types.  We will then get into details of getting started with TrainTraxx for operations/inventory management and integration with JMRI operations. The presentation will take no longer than 45 minutes and will have a live demonstration at our booth. 


12 noon  "Keeping the Hobby Alive Or Teaching the next generation” -  Liesel Polichettte

 In this clinic, Liesel will teach simple modeling skills and show you how and why local clubs should form a next generation program.  Classes like this allow people to experience the thrill of model railroading prior to making a commitment of joining a club. The classes are less intimidating than a club and may provide a better experience than joining an established club right away.


 1:00 pm -


 2:00 pm -


 3:00 pm  “Quick and easy ways for loads on weathered cars” -  Charles Hopkins

 Charlie will demonstrate some of his methods and tools for weathering and loading cars with custom loads.  This will also be a chance to work on a few cars during the presentation.  

Looking to give a Clinic!

 One of the areas that makes the Nationa N Scale Convention what it is are the clinics that are
presented at each convention. I would like to request that anyone who 
has an interest in presenting a Clinic at the 2020 NSE Convention in 
Nashville, who knows of someone who may have an interest in 
presenting information that may be of interest to the attendees of the 

N-Scale Convention this year, please contact me.  

The deadline for nominations is March 1 ,2020. 

I suspect that every member of the group knows of one or two people who have some very original ideas that would 

make for a great Clinic and I hope to hear from everyone soon.

 Thank you;

 Mike  Vivion 

Inquire if interested. Email Mike Vivion



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