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Join us this year on the first floor Clinics,Two Rivers room where we have gathered a fantastic group of presenters.

Friday June 26, 2020

Saturday June 27, 2020

10:00 am:   Charlie Vlk, The What,Why,Who,Where, and How of Operations

Model Railroading is an extremely diverse Hobby that can attract people with a wide range of interests.
One growing segment is “Operations” where Hobbyists emulate how a real railroad would move equipment during a portion of a day.
Charlie will discuss What types of operations are popular, Why you might consider becoming involved, Who can participate, 
Where operations happen, When they typically are held, and How a railroad might be suitable to operate.




Looking to give a Clinic!

 One of the areas that makes the Nationa N Scale Convention what it is are the clinics that are
presented at each convention. I would like to request that anyone who 
has an interest in presenting a Clinic at the 2020 NSE Convention in 
Nashville, who knows of someone who may have an interest in 
presenting information that may be of interest to the attendees of the 

N-Scale Convention this year, please contact me.  

The deadline for nominations is Feb 1 ,2020. 

I suspect that every member of the group knows of one or two people who have some very original ideas that would 

make for a great Clinic and I hope to hear from everyone soon.

 Thank you;

 Mike  Vivion 

Inquire if interested. Email Mike Vivion


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