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Join us this year on the first floor Clinics, Two Rivers room where we have gathered a fantastic group of presenters.

 Mike Vivion - Clinic Chairs
 Bruce Alcock




Friday June 17, 2022

10:00 am   Using the Accessory Bus to power lights and accessories on T-TRAK and NTRAK Modules  - John Wallis

 With the advent of the Just Plug system from Woodland Scenics the use of lighting for buildings, vehicles and other scenic effects has significantly increased. As well operating accessories appear on modules. This clinic discusses the methods of wiring modules and the layout to power such devices using the 15 VAC Accessory Bus defined in the NTRAK and T-TRAK Standards and Recommended Practices.

11:00 am  Intro to Free-moN - Mark Watson - Paul Bender - Jeremy Janzen

This clinic will start as a short presentation and then move over to the Free-moN layout for real-world examples.


Noon - Lunch Break


1:00 pm  The Uses of Extruded Polystyrene Styrofoam for Model Train Scenery - Chuck Peterson

What is Extruded Polystyrene Styrofoam (XPS), used, Tools required, Steps to using XPS including shaping gluing, caring, painting weatherizing and finishing.

2:00 pm  "What it takes to Produce a Car"  -  Eric Smith

This clinic will cover the various steps including new tooling and how Micro-Trains does the planning/scheduling and production of their monthly releases

3:00 pm  Why not a Pulp and Paper Mill - Donald Bonk

 Many model railroaders model steel mills with the mandatory blast furnace and incoming material and product loads. But, why not a Pulp and Paper mill which has wood piles and many incoming and outgoing product loads?!

4:00 pm  Adventures in T-TRAK - Bruce Arbo

T-TRAK is expanding as people build larger curves, junction modules for connecting loops and push the envelop of the original concept.  This clinic will do a very quick introduction to T-TRAK and then delve into building modules that use larger radius curves and provide more layout capabilities.


Saturday June 18, 2022

10:00 am “Build a 53' Trailer on Spine Car Kit” - Peter Harris

Why not build a modern spine car used across the US - based on TTX’s NAP53. The cars run in five car consists and the other four cars will be available to participants at cost price to finish off this interesting car set - if you want to finish them off at home [but this is not required!]. TTX decals will also be in the completion pack The clinic will be run by Peter Harris of N Scale Kits and the build will use their TTAX 53ft All-Purpose Spine Car Kit [NS011].

11:00 am “Keeping the Hobby Alive or Teaching the Next Generation”                            - Liesel Polichette

In this clinic, Liesel will teach simple modeling skills and show you how and why local clubs should form a next generation program.  Classes like this allow people to experience the thrill of model railroading prior to making a commitment of joining a club. The classes are less intimidating than a club and may provide a better experience than joining an established club right away.

12:00 noon – “Controlling your layout with Wi-Fi Throttles” - Marc & Hans Starmans

Using DCC on Model Railroads has become common place. Many people are already familiar with running a train using a DCC throttle. But most of them are propriety throttles from Digitrax, NCE, etc. using propriety connections. However, the development of DCC hasn’t stopped and a new generation of DCC control over Wi-Fi is emerging. This clinic will focus on these new developments like the WIFI modules, Smartphones and universal Wi-Fi Throttles. 

1:00 pm “Imagineering: The art of conceiving and developing a layout that goes beyond the ordinary and mundane.”- Dennis Machlica

Have you ever desired for your scenery and structures to be a little more unusual and a little more original than a just a collection of out-of-the-box kits? Dennis, author of N-Scale Magazine’s “IN PURSUIT OF WOW” series, will share some ideas and inspiration on using observations from the world around us to customize, kit-bash and scratch build structures, scenery and mini-scenes that will help develop a truly original model railroad layout.

This fast-moving and entertaining presentation will stimulate you with many ideas to take home and implement, and is sure to be a clinic you won’t want to miss.

2:00pm  “What, Why, Who, Where, When, and How of Operations” - Charlie Vlk

Model Railroading is an extremely diverse Hobby that can attract people with a wide range of interests.  One growing segment is “Operations” where Hobbyists emulate how a real railroad would move equipment during a portion of a day. Charlie will discuss: What types of operations are popular, why you might consider becoming involved, Who can participate, Where operations happen, When they typically are held, and How a railroad might be suitable to operate.

3:00 pm "Basic JMRI Operations with NO paper!”- Steve Todd

Starting from nothing, Steve will show how to set up simple railroad operations on your layout using JMRI software, including the use of mobile devices to replace printed switch lists and car cards. Some pictures and slides of the clinic can be previewed at: 


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