The Nashville Convention needs a couple of specialized volunteers.
Are you who we are looking for?

Hey Everybody!

Volunteer 1:

The Nashville Convention is about to go live for registration, and we NEED to make it a big deal in Nashville Proper. Unlike some of our other convention locations, there is not a strong hobby shop presence in the city, and we need to do the best job we can to get as much exposure for Model Railroading to families and youngsters that we can.

This is important for two reasons-  One, it is our mission to spread the word on this hobby as much as we can. Two- our manufacturers and vendors need traffic flow to justify their attendance at any convention, and ours is no different. We think that the personal contact and interaction with manufacturers large and small is one of the great benefits of our convention.

To that end- we need a Marketing volunteer- someone who is willing to go to all of the local radio stations, television stations, mombloggers, Four H clubs, schools, scout groups, and local influencers to get the largest attendance that we can to the public show on Saturday. This person needs to be someone who can talk the excitement and fun that people need to understand about the hobby, and about our show in particular. We have layouts, we have “how to get started” clinics, and we have vendors, all of which make for an exciting day out for families.

Are you that person? We can help a lot, but we can’t do it oursleves, as the convention takes a lot of work, and we need to spread the love.


Volunteer 2 (3-4-5…)

The Raffle during the banquet is a major feature of the convention, and many people in years past were disappointed that they didn’t get to participate since they didn’t know how or where to get tickets. We need one or more people to promote the raffle, and make sure that everyone gets the tickets they want. This year, the raffle has the biggest prize pool ever, so it should be an easy task, but it is important. Alex, our hard working head of raffle sales, is so busy actually providing the tickets that he can’t promote as well, so we need your help!  


Are you willing to step up?

George Johnsen


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