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Swap Information

Welcome to the 2018 Salt Lake City, UT NSE Swap Meet, Show and Sale.

On behalf of the NSE Board of Directors:

NSE thanks you for your support as an individual member, manufacturer, local or regional vendor.

There are some basic "Operating Rules” for the NSE 2018 "Swap Yard” (just like an operating railroad) that need to be followed:

The location for the NSE swap meet ("Swap Yard”) is the Capitol Reef Ballroom, located on the lobby's level of the Sheraton Hotel. Those attendees' that have reserved table space ("Trackage”) will have a distinguishing mark on their badges. Only those people will be admitted during the setup period. All swap room table holders will be verified outside the Ballroom and then given their particular table ("Track”) assignment(s). No one will be admitted without an NSE issued convention badge.

Setup time begins on Friday at 0700. That leaves two hours for everyone to check in, get your assigned track (table) location and setup for a 0900 opening for the NSE convention attendees. Any exhibitors requesting an earlier dispatch time, please contact NSE Swap Yard Master via e-mail,, Approval is on case-by-case basis. The only people that are guaranteed an early dispatch time for this journey are the NSE directors (i.e. special run sales) and NSE staff (swap/registration) who need to be done by 0700 in order to assist everyone else.

All of the tables will be clearly marked with a number and the exhibitor name/organization. Just like a freight yard, you have been assigned a destination track(s) (i.e. table(s). No changes allowed unless authorized by the "Swap Yard Master ". Simply put, the yard is full.

Some finer points:

a. If there is an issue with the location of your assigned table ("sales track”), please bring it to the attention of the NSE Swap meet coordinator ("Swap Yard Master”). There is not much flexibility due to a full "swap yard”.

b. If additional space is required for both days or for just Saturday, please make those needs known immediately via email to Again, there is not much flexibility. Those with power requirements, sorry, but there is no relocating your tables. Work rules.

Many conference attendees can/will use the hotel elevators to bring their inventory/ demonstrators/ samples ("goods”) down from their rooms. Those with larger inventory, it will be strongly suggested that you use the hotel front entrance ("check in”) and off load there and come through the hotel lobby. It is a shorter transit.

The operating hours for the "Swap Yard” start at 0900 on Friday for all registered NSE convention attendees. Exclusive attendee access will be until 1200 and then the doors will open at 1200 on Friday for both NSE convention attendees and the general public (non-convention attendees).

There will a cash and cart food service area ("Dining Car”) located in the rear in the Cottonwood Ballroom between 1130-1230 on both Friday and Saturday. Sandwiches, chips and drinks will available.

The swap yard will remain open until exactly 1600 on Friday. There will be a very strict closing time, due to a scheduled event for many convention attendees on Friday evening.

It is recommended that display tables be covered overnight. All tables will have table cloths on them; it is possible to fold those over the display surface. Other methods include bringing your own sheets, blankets, etc. The room will be secured and locked.

The doors will open on Saturday for those with swap tables at 0800 to allow for setup time. Again, only those with the correct NSE convention badge identification mark will be admitted during setup time. The show for NSE attendees and general public will resume again at 0900 on Saturday. The show will end exactly at 1600 on Saturday with immediate teardown and removal of displays, completed by 1700. This is absolutely mandatory as the room will be reused for another convention event starting at 1830.

Please direct any "Swap Yard” questions to

Jon Monsein
Swap Yard Master






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