National N Scale Convention - June 15 to June 19, 2022

The NSE convention will be held in Nashvile next year and will be our 28th convention and visiting your area.   Over the past years one area of the program that has grown are the home layouts tours.  Yes - N Scale layouts are on the top of the list but if you know of a great layout of any scale please include contact information. Right now we are trying to get a list put together of anyone or any club that would like to help us out and open their home to a tour.

Most of our convention attendees will not have a car so we need to set up a bus schedule to make this work.  Each year we have modified the schedule to fit the local requirements.  In the past we have had one to three days of tours.  This would be Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.  On each day we have only one set of home layouts that we be opened just on that day.  The tours generally will be two 29 passenger buses that start at opposite ends of the tour route. 

Depending on the distance between homes, we can have an all day tour or a morning and afternoon tour.  Each tour usually has 3 to 4 home layouts that are repeated in in the morning and afternoon. Total time for the morning and afternoon will be 4 hours.
Again this is not in concrete and can be modified. The only rule is that the tours is conducted by bus and not open to self-driving tour.

Thanks you for your attention to this matter. Please let me know if you are interested in participating.


Dick Ollendorf